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How can I join the Union?

There is no sign-up needed to be a part of the Union! If you are a declared World Literature major or minor, or are enrolled in a World Literature or Languages class, you are automatically a member! (If you are interested in an executive position, we hold annual elections for those positions)

How often does the World Languages and Literatures Student Union meet?

We meet bi-weekly throughout each semester! Our meeting dates will be set at the beginning of the term, and will last until the end. We then switch the meeting dates for the next semester depending on the availability of our executive team!

How do I join a meeting for the first time?

You can join our meetings through our recurring Zoom link! In person meetings are pending as we adapt with the pandemic, we will keep you posted.

Zoom Link: 

Who can attend World Languages and Literatures Student Union events?

Anyone! Although membership to the union is based on class and program enrolments, our events are open to all! Whether you are a FASS student in a different department, or even a Science student interested in attending a social, you are more than welcome!

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